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 Advertisement Information and Links

  • Please email us as much information as you can about the type of advertisement you are wanting to purchase and we will get in touch with you as to where you can email and/or send the the advertisement for placement. 
  • If you need the advertisement created, we will need to have that information as well as what expectations you have for how it needs to look.
  • Place An Ad (Online)
  • Website Advertising Contract (Online) (PDF)
  • Website and Newsletter Advertising Rates (Online) (PDF)
  • Seminar Exhibitors Contract (PDF)

 PASC Advertising Agreement and Contract

Web Site Advertising Agreement and Contract 
Advertisement Description:  Advertiser may sign up for a contract period of one (1), three (3), six (6) or twelve (12)-month duration for a single advertising space on the PASC website ( The advertisement will appear on the web site Home Page and subsequent pages.  On the Home Page, the advertisement will appear on the right hand side panel below the masthead and selection choices.  On the interior pages, advertisements can be placed on the top section or the right side panel of the page.  A maximum of three advertisements will be accepted on any page.  * dependent upon what placement you bought into for the site.

Advertisement size:  The size of an advertisement can be as small as 120X90 pixels to as large as 728X90 pixels.  Please refer to our rate sheet for the most updated pricing.

Advertisement may contain: Company logo, Slogan, Individual Company web site link, and general information about the company that can fit into the advertising space described above. PASC reserves the right to edit or decline any advertising content that it finds unsuitable for its organization purpose.

Cost:  Please refer to the current rate sheet attached to this contract.

Please Make Checks Payable To: PASC 
  1. A completed and signed advertising contract, all camera-ready artwork for advertisement and basic ad information/layout, should be sent to: 
    Public Accountants Society of Colorado 
    Attn: Website Advertising 
    2460 W. 26th Avenue
    Suite #245-C
    Denver, CO. 80211

    The above information needs to be received at least three (3) weeks before the date that your contract will start.
  2. Once your advertisement is placed on our web site, changes may be made during the remainder of your contract time.  However there will be a small fee charged to effect each change
  3. You will receive an email acknowledgement confirming your advertising contract's acceptance, and informing you of the scheduled duration of your advertising. Payment for the cost of the advertising must be made in full to the address above within ten days of receiving your confirmation notice.
Web Site Advertising Agreement and Contract Form
Company Name:             ________________________________
Contact Name:               ________________________________
Contact Phone:               ________________________________
Contact email:                ________________________________
Date contract was sent: ________________________________
Contract duration requested (12 months maximum):

Desired Start Date:  ____________________  

Desired End Date: _________________

Content of advertisement: (please check all that apply)


  1. Company Logo                
  2. Company Address & Phone Number
  3. Company Slogan    
  4. Company Web Site Link: _______________
  5. Photograph or Graphic
  6. Advertising Content (i.e. Products/Services; Promotional Specials; etc.)


(Please send us your content in a MS Word  or MS Publisher format.  Images need to be sent separate from the MS Word or MS Publisher) 

I/We have thoroughly read, understand and agree to all of the terms and rules mentioned in the Web Site Advertising Contract and Agreement put forth by the Public Accountants Society of Colorado.  I/We would like to enter into this contract for the term described within the Contract and Agreement, and will make payment for the full amount of the advertising cost mentioned in the contract of: $________.____ within ten days of contract acceptance, or else forfeit this contract and all agreements made within. (I /We further understand that if we forfeit a contract, I/we may reapply for a forthcoming contract term.)

Signature of Advertiser: _____________________________________
Name (please print clearly): ___________________________________
Date Contract Signed: ______________________________________
Please do not write is the space below the line.  It is for PASC office use only.  Thank You!

Signature of Contract Acceptance: ___________________________
Date Acceptance Signed: ___________________________________
Deadline for Contract Fee Payment Receipt:
This amount: ______________ needs to be paid in full by: __________otherwise the contract will be forfeited.

Updated:  5/25/2010 - Revisions pending