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 William D. Eskew Memorial Scholarship Fund Winners


Congratulations to 2013 Recipient Joshua Nowitzky!

Joshua WallaceI would like to express my appreciation to everyone for helping me pursue my goal of attaining a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Accounting and a minor in Finance. I am currently a full time student as a senior at UCCS while working part time at the Rampart Lodge on the Air Force Academy. This scholarship will certainly help take the financial pressure off as I close in on my graduation in December 2013 and pursue a career in the Accounting and Finance field. I thank you again for this wonderful opportunity everyone in your organization has given me.

Looking back at my academic career I am reminded of a saying I've heard throughout my life, "it doesn't matter where you start, but where you finish". While I may have started with a lack of motivation in high school my choice to join the military helped me find inner strength and who I am as a person. As a US Navy veteran I proudly served on the fast attack submarine USS Asheville (SSN-758) and while times weren't always easy this experience was a necessary one for me. Five years of being surrounded by these brave military members helped show me a real example of people who live their life according to the set of principles of honor, courage and commitment.

In this sink or swim environment I had to either raise myself in the first year to the crew's high standards and work ethic or fail. I chose to swim. Becoming submarine qualified and earning the crew's respect was hard at first but was well worth it in the end. As the years passed throughout my tour increasing levels of responsibility were granted to me as I was gradually promoted up to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. Throughout my tour I played the various roles of Helm and Planesmen, Sonar SAWS Operator, Security, Administrative Assistant, Financial Liaison, and many others. After two deployments and a sizable amount of sea time in-between I was drawing close to a decision of whether I should reenlist or not. Following the footsteps of my father and mother who both have degrees I decided to receive an honorable discharge and pursue my education.

My first step was to get a solid part time job and after some searching I was fortunate enough to find a job at the Rampart Lodge that would work with my college schedule. With my path set before me financially I was able to succeed in PPCC and after transfer I was able to translate my success at the community college into the state college. Now with my GI Bill reaching exhaustion and one and a half years to go till graduation the pressure to meet the expenses of tuition and books is an issue worth considering. I would like to thank you for helping me to solve this issue as I reach graduation and look to starting my career. This money will help me fill the missing link to a future in Accounting and Finance.


Joshua T. Nowitzky


Congratulations to 2009 Recipient Joshua Wallace!

Joshua WallaceI was born and raised here in Colorado Springs. I am 22 years old, have one older sibling who has 4 kids and I just recently got married to my high school sweetheart August 7, 2010. My father is an entrepreneur and my mother is terminally ill. I attended Hilltop Baptist School for the entire duration of my pre-college education, Kindergarten to high school graduation. I started college at Pikes Peak Community College originally pursuing a degree in engineering and then decided my sophomore year, after taking my first accounting course, that accounting is what I want to do. I finished my 2 years there and I then transferred to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and plan to finish my degree here at UCCS. I thoroughly enjoy accounting and all of its many challenges as I continue to learn more about it. I am planning to graduate in the spring of 2011 and use my degree to go into the area of tax. I am also planning on getting my CPA license right after graduation and would ultimately like to be the entrepreneur of my own CPA firm here in Colorado Springs within the next 10 years.




Congratulations to 2008, Inaugural Recipient Esther Terpstra!

Picture of Esther Terpstra, 2008 Eskew Scholarship Winner"Receiving the scholarship means so much to me. It helps me remember that others believe in me and want to help me attain my goals. I am so fortunate to have received a scholarship from you!

I moved to Colorado Springs with my son, Thomas, in hopes of a new start and a better life. I've found this new start and am very happy I came here. Thomas is currently attending an in-home daycarelpreschool. He is learning his alphabet and making new friends. I look forward to picking him up each day and hearing about all that he did and what he found exciting.

Currently, I'm employed full time at a local accounting firm. Being employed there, I've found that I enjoy the work and want this to be my career. The contact I have wlth many small business owners is very exciting. Helping them manage their businesses has given me immense satisfaction at work and has contributed to my education in many different ways.

Attending the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs has assisted me in my career goals immensely. I've been able to take what I've learned in my courses and apply it the next day at my job. My immediate goal is to receive a degree in accounting and finance from UCCS. In working to reach this goal, I face many challenges as I balance each of my responsibilities.

Receiving a scholarship from you has glven me additional courage to continue attending. Knowing that others believe in me was the boost of confidence I've been looking for. Thank you for believing in me and helping me reach my goals.


Esther Terpstra"

Esther moved to Colorado Springs in May of 2005 to pursue a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance. She has faced many challenges in obtaining this degree. Working while going to school and raising a son is no small feat! However, the hard work has paid off and Esther is now anxiously awaiting her graduation in May 2009. As Colorado natives, she and her son, Thomas, squeeze in as much outdoor excitement as they can throughout the year.